About us
We attended Teachers' Training Courses in Austria, but soon realized that this teaching was not enough - so went to India and Austria once again to further improve our skills. We were taught by teachers in Germany, France, England, the USA, Russia, Ukraine and Latvia. We continuously attend various seminars on Yoga.

Presently, we are Yoga teachers and hosts of Ananda Yoga Center (Ananda in Sanskrit means - Bliss).

We do not represent any religion or any other organization. As our experience showed us - YOGA is the only way for us.

One of almost twenty definitions of the word Yoga, as found in dictionaries, is - the way of spiritual development. In this case the word "spiritual" means - transformation of ordinary intellect in a way that brings the human mind closer to more subtle and higher forms of perception.

Yoga is a very precise science about our body, mind, soul and the world surrounding us. Our mind is always developing. When we consciously think about the supreme and purest experience, our individual consciousness sooner or later penetrates into it.

Yoga is the most powerful weapon against our physical and mental ailments, fears, worries, inferiority complexes, and stress. When we start practicing yoga, we cross the doorstep of the self-created prison and thus understand the true value of freedom and sense, as if we were newly born, for ourselves and the whole world.

We leave behind the PAST - what does not exist anymore, we are not attached to the FUTURE - what has not come yet, and so we do not miss the most important - the PRESENT. Feeling our pure nature - BLISS, having all KNOWLEDGE in ourselves, and embodying eternal BEING - we become: doctors, judges and teachers for ourselves, both fortune and misfortune to ourselves - we ourselves become creators of our every day.
All you need is to have some courage to come to Yoga classes and believe that YOU CAN DO THAT.